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"Our imagination keeps us creative.
Our dreams keep us awake.”
Andre Caputo
Platinum Winner Adesign Award 2021
Wonder Skills | 3D Secret Recipes

Wonder Skills | 3D Secret Recipes

I created the Wonder Skills to share my processes behind the scenes and also valuable tips about my workflow. This content is in my subscriber area on Behance.

All of this in full-HD professional VIDEOS! The videos ARE NOT time-lapse. I talk in English and explain what I’m doing in each one.

I will share with you one video per month and you will basically have access to my secrets and 3D recipes on how I get my results.

• Behind the scenes
• My artistic vision and techniques
• Modeling
• Shading
• Lighting
• Composing
• Post Production

Become a Wonder Skills subscriber and get access to my content to improve your skills!

Any questions, please contact me via email: [email protected]

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